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Despite being a scaredy-cat and crybaby, high schooler Tetsu Misato finds himself working at the eerie estate on the hill, where Shizu–the only child of the Karasawa family–is secreted away. However, his friendship with Shizu quickly turns to fear when several spirits of the dead appear before him, borrowing her appearance. As he struggles to find the humanity in her supernatural condition, Tetsu must also face a question at once terrifying and heartbreaking: What if the true Shizu never returns?


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Volume 6

Ohayou, Ibarahime Last Manga Volume: Volume 6

July 13th, 2017 (JP)
September 25, 2018 (EN)

ISBN 978-4063659146 (JP)
ISBN 978-1632365927 (EN)

Chapter 26

Latest Chapter:
Ohayou, Ibarahime Chapter 26:
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